Why Developing a Website in PHP Is a Techno-Smart Idea

Why Developing a Website in PHP Is a Techno-Smart Idea

It is without a doubt a genuine truth that a solid online nearness is an essential for any business to develop quickly. For this, you require a convincing site. The minute you consider building up a site, you should consider considering a PHP web improvement organization. Really, the top purposes for the ubiquity of PHP lie in the accompanying

According to the news reports of January 2016, around 250 million sites were created in PHP. The PHP coding can without much of a stretch be utilized with HTML and other distinctive web structures and format motors. The programming which is done in PHP incorporates a wide cluster of arrangements, for example, CMS based Shopping Carts, E-trade Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Chat programming and Discussion Forum. Different ERP programming organizations likewise grasp a PHP Platform to render results according to the clients’ desires.

The master engineers skillfully make utilization of the underneath said components of PHP to perform the coding of sites having a place with various kinds

It is particularly extensible and less demanding for software engineers/designers to do high level of customization in various web application improvement forms.

Since it is an open source; along these lines, the expense of the advancement occupation is lesser.

</a>This dialect appreciates the benefit of being upheld by worldwide engineers’ group, and accordingly, master counsel is accessible round the clock which at last helps the designers to handle even the most complex application advancement issues in an accommodating way.

<It offers a programming stage that licenses designers to make vigorous, completely adaptable and unfailingly tried and true web applications that perform phenomenally well notwithstanding when the Internet movement burdens are on the crest.

PHP deals with the security related issues, along these lines, web applications dependably stay safe and secured.

It has an abnormal state of similarity since it is very much bolstered by various different stages including Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and some more.

Overhauled and the most recent renditions of this dialect are accessible on standard premise that permit engineers to make and create better functionalities and components in their applications.

In the light of the utility and comfort, PHP has gotten to be one of the most smoking web improvement stages which is embraced by every last organization around the globe. Rest of the things connected with the use of this coding dialect totally rely on the organization or the group that handles a specific task. In this manner, the part of the organization that one picks gets especially essential.

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Portable POS Usage in Hospital Retail Operations

Portable POS Usage in Hospital Retail Operations

As purchasers, a large portion of us have had some presentation to a versatile POS framework while either shopping at a retail location, or eating at an eatery or snappy serve foundation. Numerous eatery servers now get together outfitted with a portable or hand-held gadget for request taking rather than the customary request cushion and pencil, with the finished table request naturally heading off to the kitchen, and the server rapidly proceeding onward to the following table. In numerous retail locations, representatives now walk the business floor with a portable POS gadget for line breaking to rapidly look at clients remaining in long lines and get them on their way quicker. This not just speeds look at time and expands consumer loyalty, additionally diminishes the potential for losing a client.<a href=”http://18316983852.com/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Human services retail offers numerous open doors where a portable POS arrangement can give added comfort to workers and visitors, grow the usefulness effectively display in a conventional POS framework, and enormously enhance operational productivity with cost sparing results.<a href=”http://tgfxsc.com/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>The Cafeteria and Coffee Cart

Take for instance the doctor’s facility cafeteria with conventional POS terminals arranged in the registration paths, and extra outside seating that opens when the climate grants. As opposed to steering benefactors through the registration paths to pay for nourishment and refreshments before seating themselves outside, versatility permits the exchange to be performed at table side giving the representative or visitor more opportunity to make the most of their dinner and eating background, or perhaps keep the passing of a client. With a conventional POS framework set up, the cafeteria menu might be communicated to the cell phone with definite deals information moving into a focal information base for reporting and educated basic leadership. Versatile arrangements are likewise in a perfect world suited for versatile espresso trucks, or versatile nourishment trucks where a POS framework is required, however space and transportability precludes a huge money register with all its fringe gadgets.<a href=”http://plan-cul-sexe.info/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Quiet Guest Services A considerable measure of healing centers now offer patient visitors the accommodation of requesting nourishment and drinks from the cafeteria menu exhibited on an iPad or Android gadget, and paying either with money or Visa on the same gadget. Simply picture going to a companion or relative in their doctor’s facility room as patient eating is either taking or conveying their feast. It’s an extraordinary solace and comfort to have the capacity to arrange and make the most of your dinners together.<a href=”http://tw88.info/” Target=”_blank”>

</a> <a href=”http://ieee-sensors2009.org/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>The Gift Shop and Fundraisers <a href=”http://bardonia.org/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Normally keep running by the healing center blessing shop, pledge drives are an imperative income generator for the doctor’s facility retail zone. For the most part held in the doctor’s facility campaign, the gathering pledges occasion may offer anything from regalia to gems, and are normally adapted to the healing center representatives. The utilization of a portable POS framework is perfect for this brief occasion, particularly when the capacity to acknowledge charge card or worker finance findings as installment sorts is empowered.<a href=”http://www.promisedlandbc.us/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Let us know about how you’re utilizing a Mobil POS arrangement as a part of your healing center, or where your operation has a requirement for it.<a href=”http://news-taniguchi.biz/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>To take in more about how portability can advantage your healing center’s retail operation <a href=”http://news-taniguchi.biz/” Target=”_blank”>

</a><a href=”http://deliweb.info/” Target=”_blank”>


Are IT Support Services Worth the Investment?

IT Support ServicesNowadays, many businesses are reliant on IT to run effectively. From accountants who need to use accounting software to serve their clients to retailers who need specialized software to organize their inventories, virtually every company has a need for technology for their business to run optimally and smoothly.

With that said, we are all aware that technology can fail now and again, and it is at those moments that it is necessary to find quality IT support services in order to deal with issues and get everything working again as soon as possible.

Many experts recommend that all businesses invest in IT support services on an ongoing basis, especially in the case where companies rely on technology heavily in the workplace. Although this can be a significant expense to factor in, here are some of the reasons that paying for this service is definitely worth every dollar spent.

One of the main reasons that using these services is beneficial is that it can mean that problems are solved a great deal quicker compared with simply hiring a company on the spot to fix a problem as soon as it is encountered. Unfortunately, many companies wait until they suffer a computer breakdown or a software failure before they hire the help of an IT support service.

Although it is often a natural human trait to not worry about issues until they actually occur, it is arguable that having already invested in a quality support service in advance of problems occurring is extremely helpful. The usefulness of these services is well worth it when there are several support technicians in place ready and waiting to help solve your problems.

When you do get around to looking for these IT support services that are going to be ready to deal with your issues when you call them, you will need to be selective to ensure that they are able to help with the most likely problems that will occur for you, will be available via your preferred contact method when you need them and can offer a quick response rate.

In addition to ensuring that problems are solved more quickly, it can also be argued that investing in support services for IT in your business is worth it due to the fact that it will allow you to build up a relationship with a service provider that will know the ins and outs of your business and your technical needs.

Although going to a breakdown or repair service solely when you encounter a problem can result in you saving some money, one of the downsides of this is that you will not be benefiting from a service that knows your business and IT needs well, as chances are you will not have been working alongside them for a prolonged period of time.

To contrast with this, investing in IT support services over the long term means that you will have the chance to use the service often and the company you have hired will have had the chance to build up a significant knowledge of your business. This can mean that they will be far more likely to be able to help you in a focused and tailored manner when they need to.

It should also be noted that by using this type of service over the longer term you will often be able to benefit from all kinds of extras, not only having your computer repaired when you suffer from a breakdown. These can include help with cloud computing, network installations, guidance on software and much more.

Overall, there are many advantages to hiring a company to provide you with support services for all your IT needs. Although the investment may be more of a long term one rather than a short term service designed to help you only in times of emergency, the high level of tailored service is often very well worth it indeed.

Hiring Technical Help For Your Online Business

Technical HelpNo matter how much you are willing to have your online business with a already built website using some online software with drag and drop feature but at the end of the day you will need technical assistance to run your website properly with all of its features being maintained properly if you are not the technology expert of your own website. Many experts say that its not a bad idea to spend some money up front to hire professionals who can point you in the right direction can help you maintain an effective Web presence for years to come for your online business. Such technical help may be provided by freelance web developers, virtual assistants and technical writers. For example you run a blog about web technologies but you don’t have much idea about latest new of web technology so you may hire a person who does have such knowledge and can make a daily post on your business blog on some monthly or hourly pay rate.

It is not necessary that everyone works alone (Well! I do) and also have the knowledge they share during work with their customers about their business and website. Not everyone is a good designers or a web programmer at work so they find impossible to tackle many problems on work. Here a technical help comes to save the day. One problem that I see is people find it difficult to share their profits with their technical help that they have hired. I have answer for them that “Common people grow up” you are having a help in your business, its purely officially like having an employee in your physically existing company and paying your employee is your responsibility and business ethics as well. Fortunate thing is that web developers and similar technical help are available online easily.

All you need to do to find such a help is to find the person you are looking for on the basis of your needs. Test the skills, have a look at the sample work of the person you are thinking to hire and then make decision about his payment on which you both agree. The programming involved in setting up databases, creating purchasing systems, and programming Web pages can run over $10,000 for particularly extensive Web sites, but they can pay off in the long term. Similarly, choose a designer carefully, and check out sites they’ve done before. Tell them your business plan, and spell out clearly what you want kind of ideas or technical help you require.

Security Problem and Solution Of Your Device

Security ProblemIntroduction

BYOD or Bring your Own device refers to the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace, and to use those devices to access privileged company information and applications. The phenomenon is commonly referred to as IT consumerization. The term is also used to describe the same practice applied to students using personally owned devices in education settings.

The term BYOD was introduced in 2009 by Intel when they noticed the tendency of using own mobile devices among the employees in their corporate work.

Importance of BYOD

Due to the rapid increase of mobile devices it is assumed that within next five years the total number of devices will be around 10 billion that means 1.5 devices per head. As the personal mobile devices are integrated part of our lives, employees want to use their own devices in personal as well as corporate purpose also.

In the current economic model, when a company wants their employees to be more productive, BYOD is a useful and attractive option and will increase the productivity on a large scale if it safely used.

Survey Reports on BYOD

There are lots of surveys have been done by all the big IT companies as BYOD is playing a very important role in the market.

· 75% of employees in high-growth markets such as Brazil and Russia and 44% in developed markets already using their own technology at work.
· 95% of employees stating they use at least one personal device for work.
· 44% of job seekers view an organization more positively if it supports their device.
· IBM says that 82% of employees think that smartphones play a critical role in business.

Security Problem With BYOD

1. Security of data: As the employees carry the important data with them in a flash drive or laptop outside the company. So if the employees are not trustable, it is possible that they will supply the details to other company. Now this is not a technical issue. So it cannot be solved in that way.

2. Lost and stolen devices: Millions of cell phones and smartphones are lost or stolen every year. It is thought that approximately 22% of the total number of mobile devices produced will be lost or stolen during their lifetime, and over 50% of these will never be recovered. Most devices are stolen for the value of the hardware on the second-hand market; however, a growing amount of lost and stolen phones have their content accessed by someone other than their owners. This highlights the importance of basic security features such as password protection, encryption and robust procedures to wipe the device once lost.

3. Unknown Mobile App download: Almost every app takes some permission from the owner to access some features or hardware to run properly. But it is seen that there are millions of apps from unknown or un-trustable develops who misuse the permissions and information taken from mobile or tablet. It is observed that sometimes a simple torch application takes permission to read contacts or SD card etc. These apps are simply fishy. If the personal mobile phones which are used in offices contains these types of applications, it may cause a huge data loss.

4. Malware download: Almost every organization uses legal licensed operating system, software in PC or Laptop. But maximum users depend on the free software or the cracked or pirated version of the software in their personal devices. This kind of pirated softwares are generally developed by hackers to gain the access of our computer. Not only that, these customized softwares are undetectable by antivirus, it also damage and destroy the operating systems. The risk becomes high as they also use pirated antivirus which cannot update its own database.

5. Other network connection: The devices of companies are only can be used in the office network which is generally protected by good and original software and hardware firewall and the network is also monitored by some network security experts continuously but in the case of BYOD all the devices are used in public places and home. These networks are not at all secure and hackers can hack the laptops or mobile easily when they connect to these networks.

6. Enabling Security features of OS: The most popular OS on the planet are Windows, Linux and MAC. Three of them have lots of inbuilt security features which we have to manually activate. The firewall also can be customized to get maximum protection. In any office, these tasks are performed by experts in every computer. But most of the employees don’t know the activation process and they use the default settings which activates only 25% of the overall security provided by the OS Company.

7. Less use of encryption: Employees generally do not use encryption to protect their data. As a result, if devices are lost or somehow hackers manage to gain the access of PC or mobile they can easily read and use the data. But if they use proper encryption, they can protect the secret information of their organization.

Secure Your Device

There are lots of steps that can be taken to protect all these devices.

1. Cyber Security Education: The main and most important step is spreading cyber security education among the employees and awareness about securities. Most of the people are careless about security and they don’t know the basic things about security and what they should do and they should not. That is why they sometimes click on some malicious link sent by unknown people or download from unsecure websites.

2. Using Licensed software: Using licensed software is an important step to BYOD security. As most of free software are developed by bad people it is a better practice to use original OS and software.

3. Using security software: Employees can use SANDBOX to run fishy software to protect a system from malware. They should also use the original updated version of good antivirus to get the basic security.

4. Using VPN: Using virtual private network is a very good step to communicate through a secure channel.

5. Customize firewall and Other Security: Employees should contact security experts to enable maximum security and activate all features of firewall.

6. Avoiding public Internet connection: It is better to avoid public open wifi and insecure network to access internet for the safety of data of the organization.

7. Using Encryption: Employees should use proper encryption before storing their data and sending through the internet so that man-in-middle attack cannot occur.

8. Mobile phone safety: It is recommended not to download any unknown app into mobile and use some safety app to detect the fishy and insecure application.


By leveraging industry leading practices, integrating a thoughtful BYOD policy and adopting strategies that are flexible and scalable, organizations will be better equipped to deal with incoming (sometimes unforeseen) challenges to their security infrastructure posed by the use of employees’ own devices. The introduction of appropriate procedures and regular testing will help organizations become smarter and make their employees more aware of the challenges that the use of personal devices pose for the entire enterprise.

The last thing is that an organization’s first and last defense against security breach is its own employees. Training employees on good security practices offer the most bang for the buck. It is the best and beautiful way to increase productivity using BYOD.

Kiosk and its different forms

Kiosk and its different formsIt is very much lenient device that works on the information that is provided by employer but we can only access the information which has been provided by the owner / Government. The first one is self service which relies to the payment related to various tasks like issue licenses, registration forms, issue id cards, and print any type of printed documents. It is also can be use  for reservations, healthcare services, banking services, food facilities ,corporate, universities, schools, showrooms and many institutions.

Another is Information kiosk which is related to the various information provided in the  gadget very conclusive and accurate. The third one is internet kiosk   which is related to the various public waiting institutions   like stations, malls, libraries, museums, airports and many more places where there is reach of large number of people.  This kind of kiosk is very efficiently and effectively used in business. Try OLEA kiosk designers and get the best service.

Last one is Way finding  kiosk   this kind of  machine also help you to locate a specific location  in which you want to lead and  also it gives you the desired locations map in printed  format. This shows the multipurpose   aspect of this powerful gadget.

Attracting   power of kiosk   to the   people:

This gadget is used as a tool that has significant attracting power to the people. The people who see this get attracted towards to the digital format and also it creates a curiosity in their minds about the machine and they start to follow their attraction and start to use the machine. Moreover the people in today’s time are always ready to go for a new technology and also it increases their excitement.

It has included wide range of varieties of the various services provided by this machine. This machine is runs on the data and information provided by the trader/ merchant but it needs to update as if it is not updated .It will able to execute the old data and information in such a way that but the result is accurate and is 100% efficient.

Benefits of using this software:

  • It is used to obtain various I information that a customer need to get before buying the product.
  • It can be used to purchase any product which is important for the buyer.
  • It also provides all the facility like license issue, registration forms etc.
  • It also makes the buyer convenience to make immediate use of kiosk.


In short we can say that this is really a significant gadget to perform any interrelated tasks and also to complete any task easier and effective.

Technical Writing Solution For Busy People

In need for technical writing? In certain period of time in your career, there is time where you have to deal with technical writing. Even though, it is something you can’t hinder as it is part of your responsibility, it doesn’t mean that you should deal with the hustle and bustle to get yourself a well-written technical writing. Rely on technical writing freelance, there is no need for you to spend  like hours in front of desk looking for information through sources such as manuals and journals.

Are you worry about the quality of the technical writing or certain information product companies can’t provide you with certain topic related to your interest? If it is the case, rest assured. If you know which company to choose, the problem is solved. Get yourself covered when it comes to technical writing like life-cycle course, how-to guidance, and other topics that related to your industry such as civil, mechanical, engineering and some other more, check what they can do through their website. In order to convince their clients about the quality of information that they provide, they’ll offer sample, thence their clients can judge themselves.

Wonder where to go? Mecanamix, for instance, is one among some information public companies you’ll find online. They work with freelance writers with expertise in technical writing. The topic that is available, it is huge. Which means, the possibility to get certain topic that you look for is higher. Say that you have excellent writing skill in technical writing, you can hand over your job to them,  and yes, they will value your writing fairly. Nonetheless, you are the one who choose which way to take. In addition, get yourself more than two sources, it brings you more benefits as you can compare which option is best.

Procedures Credit Card Processing

Customers have become accustomed to paying with credit cards, so it is a good idea for your business to accept credit card payments. This will reduce the possibility that customers who do not carry cash can buy the product. In addition, customers pay with credit cards often spend more than those who pay cash.

Choose a company Merchant Processing

Trader’s processors as Shark Processing handle credit card transactions, transfer of funds from customer accounts at you. Merchant shipping and handling can be expensive, but are generally worth the cost, because their service expands its customer base. The merchant processing companies charge per transaction and the costs to the total percentage of their sales. If you own a business like a coffee shop that processes many small transactions, choose a company with a low price per transaction, although the total percentage paid is higher. If you own a business, as a construction company, which processes a limited number of large transactions, choose a company commercial services with a low overall percentage, even though the cost per transaction is higher.

Prosecution of customer transactions

When customers pay with credit cards, you must enter credit card information in the terminal that you rent or buy your company’s merchant processing. If your company handles transactions on the Internet or phone, you must enter the data of credit card customers their hand on the keyboard of the terminal. If your company handles customer transactions that are physically present, who give their cards so that you crawl on your machine? The machine asks you to enter additional information such as the amount of the sale. Most terminals credit card and then print a receipt for the customer to sign, although this is not strictly necessary for small transactions.

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Control Procedures

If you own a retail store, you will have a key cash register that keeps track of transactions with credit cards, with a different key for cash sales and one for the controls. At the end of the day, when the sale of each batch of credit cards is closed, or ask your high-risk merchant services provider to send transactions to the bank the day, make sure the entire lot will be the total log tape. If there is a discrepancy between these data, identify the source of the error by examining receipts for credit card transactions.

Procedures to save your credit card documents

Keep all copies of receipts for credit card customers, and the total batch. Organize receipts for the day, week or month, depending on the volume of credit card transactions you drive. Keep this record in a safe place, because they contain the numbers of the customer’s credit card.

WiFi cost

Of major concern will always be your event WiFi cost. While most people aren’t exactly IT people, no matter who you are you’ve become highly dependent on the internet. Whatever the industry, the importance of the internet can’t be overstated. As a result, it will be incumbent on every event planner to consider how they will arrange for event internet.

Most venues will now have a hard-wired solution installed in their facilities. However, these may not be the best option, since they can be both outdated and overpriced. The systems are often default for many planners since they will be the first offered. And because the hard-wired, they can be difficult to update and upgrade.

A better option will be the rental of internet technology from Trade Show Internet. They have services in major cities from coast to coast. Contact them through their website or by calling them at (866)385-1504.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Technology Benefits

I see on a daily basis the benefits of preventative maintenance and what happens to those who make the costly mistake of thinking they are saving money by choosing not to purchase a maintenance agreement on their technology investment.

Although it may seem less expensive each month to only call your technology company when you have a problem, over the long term this is most certainly not the case. Doing so can increase your IT support costs exponentially because small problems can quickly grow and cause catastrophic effects across your network resulting in large IT support and repair costs.

These unexpected costs will also likely come at the worst time possible because that’s just the way it goes. Having smaller regular maintenance payments you expect and budget for is a much better plan for all.

In addition you need to calculate the cost of downtime for Business. What does an hour, a day, or even a week cost your company in terms of lost revenue and damaged relationships with your clients?

Let’s take for example your network server. If you do not have regular maintenance performed on your server such as Microsoft security update installation, Virus definition updates, reviewing error and event logs and very important… checking to make sure your backups are working and can be restored from, then you can get into trouble very fast.

I’m sure that most of you reading this have at some point in your life lost a file you could not recover. Imagine for a moment you lose all your business documents for your entire company. You may think to yourself “No problem, I’ve got a backup” only to find out that because nobody has actually been testing your backup on a regular basis, they don’t work and haven’t backed up in over a year.

On top of that because nobody has been doing any maintenance or monitoring of your server, nobody has noticed that one of the drives on your server has failed so there is no longer any redundancy and one more drive failure (which could happen at any moment) means EVERYTHING is gone.

I have just recently seen a company who shall remain nameless get infected with Cryptolocker. They felt confident that their backups would save them so went ahead and deleted all the encrypted files. When attempting to restore the data, they quickly and frightfully realized that their backups had not been functioning since 2012. Think of the cost to this company!

I’m sure I don’t need to finish this story for you to understand how detrimental this scenario could be. Bottom line is a monthly preventative maintenance plan with a trusted IT company could have saved their entire business by catching these issues before they ever caused any downtime or financial loss.

If you are a business owner who thinks that you’re saving money by saying no to regular maintenance, take it from someone who works with businesses every day. You need to change your mindset and realize the potentially catastrophic effects making the decision to run your business without preventative maintenance for your technology can have.

Choose Display Interface for Video Surveillance

Video interfaces connect the monitor to the Image decoding device. Concerns over image quality and video protection has led to significant changes in display interface technology gradually. Although the VGA interface is still used in PCs, the future is moving to digital interfaces. Various methods including analog connector, hybrid digital plus analog interfaces and several digital interfaces have been developed up to now. However, there is some overlap in the features of display interfaces. We study several practical analog and digital video interfaces.

Analog display interfaces


S-video, standing for Separate Video, transmits video signals over a cable by dividing into two separate signals: one for color and another for brightness. Due to this separation, sharper and higher quality images than composite video can be achieved. S-video does not carry audio, so it commonly run with red and white RCA audio cables.

Component video

This video interface is superior over both composite and S-video. Because its three cables better preserve the various elements of the video signal including brightness and color, resulting in enhanced picture quality. Component video uses three RCA connections, Red, Blue and Green to send video signals. It carries visual data only, meaning that audio cables are still required. Hence, it is usually paired with stereo (red and white) RCA audio connections.


VGA or Video Graphics Array is the most popular video connection between computers and monitors. It is used on computer video cards, projectors and set top boxes. A standard VGA connection has 15 pins and supports display resolution of 640*480 pixels, while enhanced version SVGA is allowed for resolution of 1024*768. It is worth mentioning that the maximum resolution is limited by the connector bandwidth and cable quality and length.

In the VGA connector, due to tiny little pins into a small connector, building small coaxial cables is hard.

Digital display interfaces


Digital Video Interface (DVI) has been designed as a replacement for VGA (analog interface). However, in some cases DVI still supports analog displays. In fact, DVI is the only standard which can carry both analog and digital signals on one interface. If the display is analog, the DVI connection will convert the digital signal to an analog signal, otherwise no conversion will be necessary. It is worth mentioning that, the analog video bandwidth of DVI is higher than VGA, thus higher resolution can be supported compared to VGA. So, it can be applied by high resolution displays such as UXGA and HDTV.

DVI cables or ports with fewer pins are designed for lower resolution devices. In order to support maximum resolution, the DVI port should contain all the pins. Since DVI does not support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) encryption by default, by using hardware which only includes DVI ports, the video protection is not guaranteed. This is the biggest drawback of DVI. Since HDCP protects video from illegal copying, this feature is very critical for video surveillance systems.

DVI has several variants: DVI-D (digital only), DVI-A (analog only) and integrated DVI-I which carries both digital and analog video. DVI connections are popular on computer video cards, monitors and projectors.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmits uncompressed digital HD video and audio data in a single cable, while other connections require separate cables for audio and video. For instance, a component cable connection uses three cables for video and two for audio, resulting in five cables totally. While using HDMI, the uncompressed audio and video information can be transmitted using one cable, thus cable clutter is eliminated greatly.

Since HDMI is a digital connection, it is more robust to interference and noise problem compared to analog connections. Since most processes are the digital such as DVD players, Blue-ray players and game consoles, so by using HDMI for these consumers the analog to digital conversion will be eliminated. So, it leads to better quality picture and sound compared to other connections. Also HDMI supports HDCP, meaning that it is practical for video surveillance systems. HDMI connection is the most popular display interface, found on every TV, AV receiver, Blue-ray disk player, DVR, laptops and digital cameras, because by using HDMI, there is no need to buy separate audio and video cables. Therefore, fewer cables and connections are used.


DisplayPort as a standard port to connect PCs, laptops, and other computers to video monitors has been called ultimate digital connection. It is a high definition AV connection which transmits audio and video data over a single cable with a locking connector. DisplayPort is a simple but high bandwidth interface which provides true digital images and clear sounds. It can even supply power.

One of the advantages of DisplayPort is that it works with older technology, as by using simple adapters, it is compatible with VGA, DVI even HDMI. DisplayPort enables high display performance, robustness, versatility, highest degree of system integration, and great interoperability among various device types. DisplayPort was originally developed as the next generation personal computer display interface and is now available on a wide range of tablets, notebooks, desktop computers and monitors. It is included on all newer Macs and many Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers and is also available on video graphics cards. DisplayPort can be used for consumer electronics but is not common.

DisplayPort is hot-pluggable, meaning that connections can be reconfigured without the need to restart the device. Also DisplayPort supports DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection) and HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection). These two prevent illegal copying, so they are very critical in video security.

Comparing HDMI and DisplayPort

HDMI and DisplayPort are modern serial interfaces to transmit digital video over cables from one device to another. They are replacement for analog interfaces like VGA and S-video. DisplayPort is a newer connector can be found on Apple’s iMac desktops. It is compatible with HDMI signals, thus product interoperability is achieved.

The HDMI and DisplayPort both carry audio and video data on a same cable. They also support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to encrypt copyrighted video and audio data for the newest HD content. Therefore, data is protected from being played or copied during transmission over the interface.

Transmitting video and audio in high definition format (HD) must be conducted through interfaces with high data transfer rate. HDMI and DisplayPort are both high-speed digital interfaces, but they differ in several aspects. HDMI is mainly used for consumer electronics equipment, while DisplayPort is primarily developed for computer and peripheral video connections. In the following some of the main differences between these two, are studied.

Type of connector:

There are three main types of HDMI ports, each with 19 pins. The standard size (Type A) commonly found on TVs, projectors, set-top boxes and laptops. Smaller HDMI (Type B) is called mini- and mainly found on some laptops and tablets. The smallest is micro-HDMI (Type C) found on tablets and smartphones.

DisplayPort is available in two different types with 20 pins. One of them is the full-size version and the other is smaller called Mini DisplayPort which is used in Apple laptops.

Supporting the quantity of monitors (video and audio stream):

In video surveillance, using more than one display is preferable. Also, many gamers use two or more monitors simultaneously. HDMI can handle single video stream and a single audio stream, so it can support only one display at a time.

On the other hand, DiaplayPort can connect to multiple monitors up to four with a 1920-by-1200 pixel resolution. By using multiple DisplayPort interfaces, connecting as many as six display to one output is feasible.

Cable length:

The maximum cable length supported by each interface is an important subject. Since high data rate signals will be degraded over lengths, so cables should be kept short. A maximum HDMI cable length has not been specified, and a wide range of lengths is available, but manufacturers limit them to 15 meters (about 49 feet). For instance, by HDMI cables as long as 50 feet, the quality of video data has been degraded. In order to cover a long distance, a signal booster or an active cable to amplify the signal might be needed.

For DisplayPort, 3840- by- 2160 pixels (4K) video over a length up to 2 meters by using a passive cable can be achieved. Also, running a passive cable up to 15 meters is possible, but resolution will be limited to 1080p (full-HD), as defined by the standard.

Ethernet channel:

DisplayPort does not support Ethernet data and the standard does not have an audio return channel, while by using the latest version of HDMI, 100 Mbps HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) can be implemented. HEC is used primarily for audio control.

The Ethernet channel can be used to provide an Internet connection between devices, especially when HDMI devices are used for streaming video or other content from the Internet.

Advantages of HDMI in video surveillance

HDMI cables have several advantages that make it superior over some interfaces like DVI and component video, especially in video surveillance systems.

HDMI includes all components of both video and audio data in one cable, so there is no need for extra cables. Because, everything is contained in one compact cable package. HDMI transmission line could be used instead of at most 13 similar transmission lines, thus the problem of cable clutter will be solved effectively.

On the other hand, like many other modern data transmission cables, an HDMI cable is composed of a series of twisted pairs. It has been proved that this cable manufacturing technology, is superior over other cables even huge coaxial cables for reducing noise and interferences. Also HDMI guarantees HDCP, thus video information is protected from copying during transmission, confirming its benefit in video surveillance.

Why we should consider DisplayPort in addition to HDMI in video surveillance?

In video streaming, choosing the types of video connection to stream the content to the display is an important issue. Over the years, delivering this content through HDMI, DVI, and VGA cables has been the most popular method.

In recent years, a new technology called DisplayPort has been developed. It has slowly been adopted by motherboard and displays. By the newest version DisplayPort 1.2, achieving to 4K60p resolution (3840×2160@60Hz) is possible, while HDMI only provides this resolution at half the frame rate or less.

The most important advantage of DisplayPort 1.2 over the other standards is a Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology, in which DisplayPort can transfer multiple video streams from one video output by using 21.6 Gbps bandwidth. Therefore, achieving up to 4 displays with 1080p resolution from a single DisplayPort output is possible, confirming the benefit of DisplayPort for video surveillance.


The main digital connectors used on computers and display devices are DVI and HDMI. DisplayPort is a newer connector mainly designed to replace VGA and DVI ports. The first choice to connect a device to display is HDMI which is commonly used in the most NVRs. The cables are cheap and it also carries audio. On the other hand, HDMI has some limitations and is not a perfect choice for all purposes. In most cases HDMI is fine, but for really high resolutions and frame rates, other options might be taken into consideration.

Value Creation Automation Will Optimize Your Business Processes

Move aside everyone, the new face of business automation solutions is here. Though automation is not a new concept in industries, it has been widely experimented upon and has undergone radical changes in the past few decades.

The unlimited availability of automation solutions has definitely hyped up the level of competition among business automation solution providers. Companies have taken a leap towards advanced solutions, promising business owners the key to unlocking maximum process efficiency.

Many businesses have hampered their process agility by implementing solutions which are inflexible and lack the ability to adapt to changing market scenarios. Keeping in mind the common problems encountered by businesses, a completely new automation solution called Value Creation Automation which focuses upon “continuous improvement” and “evolution” has taken an edge in the market. Apparent from its name, the new technology is all about giving business the “value” needed to thrive in the ever-evolving corporate environment. Before we delve any deeper into functioning of this technology, take a look at how businesses can thoroughly optimize their business processes with this unique solution:

Automation of Rote Tasks

A lot of time is spent on rote tasks in organizations. Rote tasks are frequently executed tasks which require little attention and occur in a mechanical manner. By allocating human labor to handle such tasks, organizations will experience a wastage of time as well as money. With Value Creation Automation, all such tasks can be automated to enhance productivity, remove the possibility of error and allow for maximum optimization. The freed up time can be then spent on more useful and critical business areas.

No Wastage of Resources

Every resource within an organization is precious. While some resources may be easily replaceable, other resources such as time are not. Unknowingly, wastage of resources is occurring at multiple levels of the organization. From idle labor to faulty materials, the cost of such wastage can have a great impact on operational budgets. Value Creation Automation aims to eliminate all such wastage from the core. Imagine the amount of money your business will save with zero resource wastage! The technology enforces a strict check on all aspects of production and managerial tasks, ensuring all deadlines are met within defined parameters of quality and cost.

Lean Production

Becoming lean is the way to go, especially when it comes to business growth. The principles of lean management are currently being implemented manually in many industries across the globe. Value Creation Automation achieves lean production targets through automated process management. The automated lean function focuses on producing more in less, boosting overall efficiency of processes and enabling businesses to grow robustly.

Automated Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement can be described as an ongoing effort of improving processes throughout an organization. Value Creation Technology has been designed to instill a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of business activities. From production to delivery of goods, all areas of operations and management are continuously checked for incremental changes to improve quality. With regular automation solutions, change is hard to detect and even more difficult to implement.

Sustainable Value Chain

What really matters along the production line is “value addition”. Each task must be adding value to the completion of the deliverable. In manual processes, measuring value at every stage of production is next to impossible. And even if it may have a slight possibility, sustaining value delivery becomes the real challenge. However, with Value Creation Automation, each output of every task is measures against preset deliverable values. This means the end deliverable is bound to meet the desired value criteria.

With a brief idea of Value Creation Automation and its objectives, there’s no denying that it is on the path to becoming the next big thing. Automation has become a need for today’s complex business structures. But not any automation will do, you need to go for the best, a solution for all your business problems.